Create your 2022 Vision Board in Three Minutes with Pinterest

Are you making a vision board this year? You can save yourself a lot of time by simply making one in Pinterest.

Chances are you’ve used Pinterest to dream, plan or brainstorm. Maybe it’s a kitchen remodel, a birthday party or meals your kids will like.

Why were you searching on Pinterest? Likely because you can get as specific as you want to build out a vision. The same applies when it comes to vision board creation. Instead of just a kitchen why not map out your dreams, goals, and all that goes along with it as well. The best part? This method will save you time.

“The best part? This method will save you time.”

Other than this being more efficient (hello no flipping through magazines and getting glue on your fingers) Pinterest allows you to get as specific as possible. Let’s say your dream is to go on vacation to Bora Bora. While you can likely find a photo of a beach in a magazine on Pinterest you can find pictures of the hotel room on stilts, pins about the top things to do. This process makes that vision more real than ever.

Getting Started

Creating your vision board is a simple process.

  1. Go to your account: saved/+/create new board
  2. Name your boar “vision board 2022” or name of your choosing
  3. Set visibility to private (although you can add collaborators if you wish). Keeping the board private will keep your content streamlined for the algorithm if you are using Pinterest for business.
  4. Once inside the board click +/create section. Build out different sections to keep your board organized. Some category ideas are Travel, Family, Home, Work, Health (add whatever is relevant for you.
  5. A new feature that works perfectly for this purpose is Notes. Here you can write out metrics or quotes. To make a note in your board click +/create note.
  6. Now your framework is built and you can start filling it in with inspirational pins.

I built my board now what?

When making a virtual board versus a physical board it’s important it’s something you can see and refer back to easily. One of the simplest ways to do this is to take the specific board and put a shortcut on your desktop (these are instructions for Mac/Safari).


  1. Open the board you want to highlight
  2. Click the URL
  3. Drag URL to desktop


  1. Go to (not the app)
  2. Open the board you want to highlight
  3. Click near the URL and see Safari options. Select save to home screen.

Another option is you can print your board. This tutorial outlines ways to do that on Safari and Chrome.

With that, you are done! If you’ve tried this method I’d love to hear your experience.

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