Cubicle to CEO Podcast Interview – $10K Months After Leaving Corporate America

Listen below to hear my interview on the Cubicle to CEO Podcast.

I was thrilled to be asked back to the Cubicle to CEO podcast for a second time. Ellen, the host is a good friend and I’ve been a student of hers for many years (always a student)!  See below for links to the podcast and to read a bit about what Ellen had to say about this episode.

“If you want to get to know Lesa, or catch up on the growth she’s experienced since the last time she was behind the mic in episode #6 on our podcast, then definitely stick around. We will be chatting about the roadblocks that come with making a huge career transition, the exact breakdown of how she achieved her $10K months, and the key things all small businesses need to know about social media marketing – including one small tweak that will make a HUGE impact on how your customers perceive your brand online.”

– Cubicle to CEO Founder, Ellen Yin

Lesa Banks Cubicle to CEO Podcast

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