Five Reasons You Want Your Small Business on Pinterest

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Is your small business on Pinterest? Whether you have an Etsy shop, do affiliate marketing, coaching, run a boutique there is a huge opportunity waiting for you on Pinterest.

Not only is Pinterest underutilized by businesses but there are millions of active users daily looking to buy what you are offering.  Yes, people on Pinterest are more likely to buy from you than on other platforms.

If you aren’t on Pinterest read on to learn more about why this is the place to be for small businesses. 



5 reasons your business should be on Pinterest

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should be on Pinterest


Large monthly active users

Currently, Pinterest has 450 million users per month.  Approximately half of those users are in the US and 60% of the global users are women. 


Continued Growth

With 37% growth year over year means the efforts you put in now will continue as the user base grows.


They are there for purchase inspiration

People on Pinterest are looking and more open to buying.  Adding rich pins including product pins making it easy for a consumer to discover and shop your pins. 


You don't need to be a big brand

In fact, 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded.  This means if you are a small or niche brand you have a much more even playing field versus bigger brands. In fact, 77% of Pinners learned about a new brand on Pinterest.


Click through rates

Pinners are 3x more likely to click through to a website. This ties back to users being more open to shopping and learning on Pinterest. If you have content you want to be seen off the platform (your shop or blog for example) you have an excellent opportunity to drive traffic. 

Have you found any of these metrics to work in your favor on Pinterest?  Another tip is one of the best ways to be found is through a good keyword strategy.  Do you know the 7 places you should be using keywords on Pinterest?  I outline them all here as well as tips for each in my free keyword guide.


If you want to learn more about how to quickly learn and implement using Pinterest for your business check out Pinning for Business designed for busy business owners. 

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