Five Under-the-Radar Books for Women in Business

Five Under The Radar Books for Women in Business

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Everyone knows the top business books but what about those under the radar books? Having spent 20 years studying and working in business reading a lot of business books comes with the territory.  Some were good, some bad, and then every so often you find those hidden gems.

Specifically, as a woman working in tech I found some of these books to be a great help in approaching how to be successful.


Some of these books aren’t traditional business books. Some are productivity and mindset-focused which are building blocks of success.

Many of these books also can apply to many facets of your life.  Are you raising kids, starting a new workout plan, beginning a new at-home work venture?  Many of the books below would apply to you.

If you’ve read these curious of your thoughts.  Send me a note via the chat below to comment.

The First 90 Days

This is always my first book recommendation for anyone starting a new job or venture.  It’s written for an executive-level but the principles can be applied to any level. This was gifted to me during a major (scary) promotion and helped me immensely. I apply what is in this book with each fresh start.  See more  Here


How To Succeed in Business Without a Penis

This book is just as hilarious as it is impactful. Reading this helped me with my confidence and how to more effectively communicate.  I keep referencing this book even years after reading it. Learn more Here


You Are A Badass At Making Money

This isn’t under the radar and is the newest on this list but especially for an entrepreneur this story about how she changed everything later in life is impactful.  Full of wisdom and a fun read.  It’s hard to read this and not feel more inspired. See more Here


The Slight Edge

I feel like everyone needs to read this book.  The key lesson is so simple yet Jeff Olson uses vivid stories and examples to bring these lessons to life.  This book is more for general life skills but can be applied to any aspect where you want to grow and improve. Learn more Here


Leading At The Edge

Are you familiar with Shackelton’s Antarctic Experience? If not he led an expedition gone horribly wrong and his team survived against all odds.  This book highlights not only the story of their adventure which is fascinating but the major leadership it took to get out of a deadly trap. I first read this in a leadership class in business school and still recommend it to this day.  Here


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