New Features That Will Make Pinterest Your Main Shopping Destination

Pinterest is becoming a main shopping destination, here are some new features Pinterest announced that make shopping and selling easier.

Pinterest hosted an event today called Pinterest Presents where we heard from Pinterest and creators. The core of the event was to give advertisers a peek into the trends and new updates Pinterest is rolling out, but these updates are relevant to anyone who uses Pinterest for work, fun (or both). Read on for my key takeaways. 

 While a lot was covered there are three elements that can have a big impact for marketers:

  • Pinterest trends & added features
  • Big changes to Pinterest shopping
  • Idea pin growth and updates.
New Pinterest Features

Pinterest Trends

Do you use Pinterest trends in your business? If you haven’t explored this free feature I highly recommend taking a look and exploring the 2022 trends. You can find Pinterest Predicts in the business section of their site here.  Pinterest trends are different for many reasons but the real differentiator is they are predictive. According to Pinterest their trends start earlier, grow faster, and last longer. They are also accurate with 8 of 10 of their last predictions.

To add to this already excellent tool Pinterest just rolled out the ability to filter each trend two ways. First, you can filter by audience including All, Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. Second, you can filter by category examples being Beauty, Food and Beverage, Tech, and many more. This makes filtering and understanding the trends for your specific categories and targets so much easier and more impactful. 


Big Pinterest Shopping Updates

There’s no question Pinterest is and continues to be a shopping destination. Now Pinterest is making it easier than ever for customers to shop. One element that is also a focus is making shopping a positive experience. Pinterest over most platforms focuses on being a positive place and that carries over into these shopping improvements with “your shop” and values-based shopping. 

Some of the big updates for shopping that will have implications for brands and products are as follows:

In-platform shopping – the ability to buy directly without leaving the Pinterest platform. Pinterest told us this is still in beta and we can expect this to roll out more broadly by the end of the year. 

Your shop – A tailored shopping experience where you can window shop products (and eventually buy) right in Pinterest. Pinterest is also adding merchants to add badges (for example Eco Friendly) so people can shop based on their values. 

Idea Pins

Idea pin changes – A big update is people will now be able to tag products in idea pins. With the massive growth and adoption of idea pins by consumers, brands, and creators this can have massive implications. They also spoke about a new watch tab for a different way to view idea pins which will help continue the growth of this relatively new feature.

In Summary

Pinterest is already where people go to make many purchase decisions, but they are making it easier than ever to help match products with consumers while providing an excellent shopping experience. 

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