Your Top Savvi Questions Answered

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Below you will find your top Savvi Questions Answered. Have other questions – send me a note via the chat below and I’ll get you an answer.  Savvi is brand new so there are a lot of exciting topics since this brand is in pre-launch.


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Savvi Leggings

Frequently Asked Questions about Savvi Products and The Business Side of Savvi.


How many savvi reps are there?

As of today (early March 2021) there are approximately 16,000 Savvi Brand Partners (very few as it is in pre-launch currently).  This continues to grow.  I highlight this in my post Why Savvi, Why Now.


How does savvi work?

Savvi is a wear and share + direct sales model.  Brand Partners get a custom link to share and can earn commissions on product sales through their site, by building a team or both if they choose.


how much can you earn with savvi?

Brand partners can earn commissions on retail sales, team volume, and other bonuses.  Coming soon you can also earn as a customer or affiliate read more


where are savvi clothes made?

Savvi has products made in the USA and in locations throughout the world by experts who specialize in manufacturing each product category we carry.


How much do savvi leggings cost?

Savvi makes much more than leggings, but this is the most asked question.  Leggings range in price based on the style. On average retail for leggings is around $75.  Customers can get further discounts with style boxes. 


how much does it cost to join savvi?

There are multiple ways to get started based on what fits for you: To get started it’s a $99 fee which includes: personalized E-commerce site, Savvi back office for tracking sales, commissions, teams, and your Savvi Sharing app. There are no monthly overhead fees.  At one year there is a renewal cost of $99. You can also add on optional value bundles for clothing.


How do you join savvi?

It is easy to get started. You can book a quick 15 minute call with me  to learn more and get all the info you need to see if this is a fit for you


what sizes does savvi offer?

Savvi sizes range from XXS – 3XL

Savvi Raven Bra
Savvi Dove Bra

Curious to check out what Savvi offers?  You can see all that is currently available via my site.  Contact me for a $25 new customer discount. 

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